Villa Zina Family Resort a Custonaci

Start well the day

The wide dining hall will welcome you every morning with a rich and colourful buffet for an International breakfast. The great range of products and sweet and savoury dishes will allow you to choose every day the best way to start your fun and relaxing day at the resort. 

 Villa Zina Family Resort a Custonaci

The taste within everyone’s reach

Every day the kitchen offers a wide menu and dishes. The half-board and the full board include a daily menu of 4 dishes to choose between meat or fish,  that is appetizer, main dish, second dish with a side dish, fruit or dessert. Or, you can choose the menu à la carte.

Lunch and dinner are always served by our staff at the table. For the small ones, it’s possible to choose the dishes from a children’s menu.

Moreover, we pay close attention and take into consideration each and everyone’s dietary need like intolerances, allergies, celiac disease and vegetarian dishes.

 Villa Zina Family Resort a Custonaci

Awarded quality

Our kitchen gastronomic choices are accompanied by the search of the best flavour and the discovery of authenticity.

We use fresh and local products and we are committed to the production of traditional dishes to convey to our guests the authenticity of the cuisine of the Agro Ericino.

Our restaurant s part of the Miglio Zero Trademark and every week we offer 2 different themed tasting menu

Your table at Villa Zina

If you want to try and taste the authentic flavours of the cuisine of Villa Zina you can book a table at our restaurant. Lunch and dinner at our restaurant are the perfect occasion to try out the authentic flavours of the agro ericino in an original mixture of innovation and tradition.
 Villa Zina Family Resort a Custonaci

Come find out

From June to September the restaurant is also open to external guests for dinner upon booking . For the rest of the year we are very pleased to also welcome you for lunch upon booking.